Manuals for Sale

To order manuals, please contact Jerry Ostalecki at

Shop Manual on CD-Rom Blowout

Shop ManualI am clearing out the remainder of my Detroit Iron Shop Manual CD Rom stock. Contact me for availability. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Limited number of Ford CD's available. Mainly 60's and early 70's. An idea who's time has arrived. Save your rare and expensive manuals. Don't spend your time looking for out of print manuals. When you do find them, are you sure they are complete? You will have to dig real deep to pay the piper for those old manuals.

Once you have the precious paper in hand you will be afraid to use them. Don't want to chance getting a grease spot on that high priced vintage paper. With the manual on CD you print what you need and discard when done.

Plus USPS Priority cost to your door.
Michigan address, add 6% state sales tax.