Welcome to Ostalecki Motorsports, L.L.C.

356 Carburetors

Welcome to the web site of Ostalecki Motorsports, L.L.C.. 

Look through the cars and items offered for sale.  I am cleaning out my inventory of used and some new parts.  My main interest is the mid to late 60′s.  I have parts for ’70 Torino, Fairlane and the rare 1970 1/2 Ford Falcon. 

Stop by and enjoy pictures of our current and past fleet of vehicles.  I am reducing my collection of parts, literature, memorabilia and whatnot.  Need some neon signs.  Let me know.  Need some NEW wheels and tires for a 2012 Boss 302.  I got them also.

Contact me at – jerry64@peoplepc.com